Jazz Detroit Radio is a digitally formatted radio station that broadcasts from Detroit, Michigan, USA. Our digital transmission means that we can be heard worldwide with crystal clear 128kbps. The station can be heard via our website or apps such as Tunein Radio, Stream, Roku, Shoutcast
and many more.

Our station launched in 2015 with the mission of replacing that gap that was left when the former WJZZ stopped its transmission of the Jazz format in Detroit. Jazz Detroit Radio has entered the market smoothly and has been accepted rather well by those who miss the former jazz station that brought them so much soul.

The station was started and is owned by former NFL player Howard Woods. Mr. Woods continues to dream even bigger for the station which he belives will continue to grow and become "Jazz's Number 1 Destination"

Online Radio has the ability to reach a worldwide audience without the limitations and distractions of border control and frequency reach. According to one study in 2011 found on radioink.com about 80 Million people listen to online radio,
The study also moved on to say that by 2015 Internet listening use is projected to jump to 157 Million people.
We now know that those figures have since been shattered.